Mental Health

Mental Health

Today's Topic:    Are my child’s problems caused by something I did?

Mental health, also known as emotional or behavioral health is a vital part of your child’s overall health and development. It is just as important to a child’s well-being as physical health. Many children and adults experience mental health issues from time to time. These mental health issues include feeling overwhelmed by certain circumstances, feeling sad as a result of being hurt by others, or experiencing a loss, or feeling anxious or stressed about events or things in your life. However, for some, these normal stresses can sometimes be overwhelming and result in the child not being able to function in their day to day life.

If your child has the flu or needs to have a cavity in his tooth filled, parents usually know what to do and where to turn for help. Seeking help from a mental health provider is not always as easy and can be scary for parents who are dealing with these issues for the first time. It is a good idea not to worry alone and seek help from your child’s pediatrician. Like other health problems your child may face, many mental health problems can be improved or resolved fairly quickly with the right treatment. It is important to get treatment for your child when problems first happen to help stop them from getting more serious.

To help parents and caregivers understand and navigate the sometimes confusing world of children’s mental health, the Connecticut Center for Effective Practice (CCEP) of the Child Health and Development Institute (CHDI) of Connecticut has developed a website,

For the month of August 2013, CTParenting devotes its monthly theme to children's mental health and thanks our partners at CHDI for their expertise and generous sharing of the information offered on this page and on DCF's Facebook and Twitter pages throughout the month.

August 1
Common mental health problems

August 2
When should I worry about my child's mental health?


August 5
Who do I Turn To for help with concerns about my child's mental health?

August 6
What do I do if my child is in crisis?

August 7
What are the different types of Mental Health Treatment?

August 8
What happens after I bring up concerns about my child's mental health? 

August 9
What are the differences between different types of therapists -- psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, family therapists, nurses and counselors?


August 12
What should I expect during the first visit with a mental health professional?

August 13
What questions should I ask the mental health professional?

August 14
What is a children's mental health diagnosis?

August 15
How will my child be evaluated and treated?

August 16
What are the different types of mental health treatment?


August  19
What are evidence-based, best and promising practices in mental health?

August 20
Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT) What is it and how can it help my child?

August 21
What if my child needs medication?

August 22
Are medications safe?

August 23
How do I talk to my child and their siblings about mental health problems?


August 26
How will mental health problems affect my child in school?

August 27
What will other people think if they find out my child has a mental health issue?

August 28
Are my child’s problems caused by something I did?

August 29"
How do I get support for myself?

August 30