Pregnancy facts and education for young men and women

Pregnancy is a thing of joy, but do you know that it is the number one cause of death among teenage girls worldwide with a staggering death count of 50,000 girls each year of the documented girls; what happens to undocumented girls, girls in remote regions that got pregnant from early marriages and rape. The number is higher than what we can even comprehend. How then do we educate our children with the alarming statistic of teen boys and girls diddling into the adult world unannounced? Teen sexuality is not a light issue, though most parents still consider it a sacred topic. However, the only way to prevent an increase in pregnancy rates, loss of virginity, and a better understanding and appreciation of their sexuality is through teen pregnancy education.

Pregnancy Statistics

Recently, I got a firsthand experience after a mom, literary brought down the school authority because her 13-year-old daughter attended sexual intercourse in class; confused and shocked, I later got to know that her daughter was from a good home and it is too immature to discuss sex. Too early! This is the problem, when you fail to tell it as it is, they will learn from the media, internet, and friends. Most first time teens tried sex is cajoled by a friend or from a video over the internet. 46% of teenage girls and 22% of teen boys had sex before 15 years, and most of the girls got pregnant. Statistics show that although the rate of teen pregnancy declined in the last decade, it has suddenly been on the rise with teens getting their hands on contraceptives with the US being the second highest developed country with teen pregnancy each year. Do you know that 57% of parents still feel uncomfortable discussing sex with their children while most teenagers don’t get the support they need from their parents when it comes to difficult sex issues? This has to change.

teen-pregnancy-factsThe Risks of Teen Pregnancy

The most significant risk is that most teenage moms drop out from school to take care of their baby which is not a bad thing- owning responsibility, but 25% of most first time moms get pregnant within 24 months of their first baby. The above is just a tip of the iceberg, 33% of all teen pregnancies end in abortion and teen that decide to keep their babies suffer severe medical complications due to improper antenatal process and a proper diet. Like most teenagers, the babies are premature or have low birth weight or suffer from weak respiratory systems due to alcohol and cigarettes. Aside from this, teen mothers suffer from lack, abuse, and proper care; while most live in poverty and depend on welfare to support them, the risk of their children experiencing the fate is high. Teen boys aren’t t left out of this statistics, as they become wayward and irresponsible and likely drop out of school and end up getting low paid jobs that can’t sustain their families and their sons turn to crime and end up incarcerated unlike children from matured and financially stable and loving homes. Do you know that teens that have open discussions about sex with their parents are likely to get pregnant? So, stop the pretense and start talking and raise a society of morally sound youths. Don’t be the statistics, beat the statistics.